Bethesda Hemp & Wellness was founded with the belief that our natural plant resources were provided for our health and wellness. Our mission is to provide people and their pets with the highest quality hemp-sourced cannabidiol, CBD, products and essential oils on the market. These products may help with inflammation, anxiety, pain, sleep, seizures, skin disorders, PTSD, and overall health.

Why Bethesda Hemp & Wellness?

At Bethesda Hemp & Wellness, our top priority is our customers’ health and well-being.  We know that many of us are searching for balance in our lives: mind/body balance, work/life balance, balance in relationships, a balanced diet, a balanced immune system, etc.

If this describes you, it’s likely you may have already heard that CBD can be a valuable component in your journey.  As certified professionals, we are dedicated to help you along this path to wellness.

Our Partners’ Commitment

Our hand-picked partners are tried and proven, but most importantly, they are committed to our superior standards for unparalleled quality from seed-to-sale. 

The farming partners are primarily family owned and operated and have been innovators in hemp agriculture and cultivation techniques for years.

Most companies use artificial ingredients that consumers would not want in a health & wellness product. As a policy, our partners do not use ANY artificial ingredients and at a minimum utilize reputable third-party laboratories. In addition to testing for the active ingredients such as Cannabinoids and Terpenes; they test to ensure their products do not contain Heavy Metals, Pesticides, Residual Solvents, or Micro bacteria.

About Our Founders

Motivated by personal and family health issues we saw a need for offering trusted, high-quality plant-based solutions on command.  We had a life-changing experience in 2017. That year, we learned about a family member’s terminal pancreatic cancer diagnosis. Because he was opposed to conventional options, we did the usual hours upon hours of internet searches which only led to more confusion and agony.  Meanwhile, our loved one developed severe anxiety, problems with sleeping and of course pain. Unfortunately, before we could find a solution, our beloved family member ultimately succumbed to this dreadful disease. 

From that day forward, we vowed to arm ourselves with the education and the natural plant resources to help as many people as possible.  Today, we stand committed to accompanying our family, friends and customers through their respective journeys to health or homeostasis. Moreover, we strive to be the bridge between the scientific and medical community – and the consumer who is looking for all-natural and effective alternatives to pharmaceutical medications.